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A B O U T 

The Wild Kind London aspires to fill your humble abode with individual treasures all lovingly designed based on the wild.


Bring the outside in with our limited edition botanical prints and our luxurious shimmer velvet cushions. 

M Y  S T O R Y 

With a determined, creative mind and a serious love for fashion and interiors I decided to start my own little journey within the world of interiors this year.  

indian jungle cushions 3.jpg
8FC9F8C0-1F47-4E42-8BE9-7400274CCB0A 3.JPG

With a mum as a florist I have always been inspired by the natural beauties of nature. It's hard to believe that some colours and forms are actually produced naturally. Making your home beautifully individual should not be unaffordable and my aim is to bring colour, personality and nature to help your home flourish. 

Now enjoy shopping small - we appreciate all the support from you lovely people! 




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